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An alien "spot the mistakes" game aimed at young kids.

Earth is kept as a "zoo" isolated from the rest of the galaxy, kept under covert observation and used as both a science and tourist destination.

You have just landed a job in Xeno-immigration, your responsibility is to screen the outgoing alien agents, scientists and tourists. Making sure they have their correct disguises on, to not cause panic and suspicion.

  • Drag alien parts away to delete them
  • Use the buttons on the side to create various human parts to add
  • Make the character human as quickly as possible, each round you will have less time.
  • Get your high score when earth's suspicion meter is full and they crack the fermi paradox.
Programming by Reuben Covington
Art by Adrienne Owen

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Published 1 year ago
TagsAliens, Casual, Short, Singleplayer, Space

Install instructions

Unzip the game then click the .exe file.

Contact Reuben at reubencovington@gmail.com if any issues.


Xeno-Immigration 1 MB
Xeno-Immigration.zip 46 MB

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